a A little bit more about Ashlee Brooke Est. 2010

Ashlee Brooke is a natural light photographer based out of Kansas City and it's surrounding areas.  Ashlee uses her passion for the natural world, people and storytelling to create life long art for her clients. She cares not only deeply for the photographs she takes; but the subjects she documents.

Ashlee's love for photography began when she was young.  She was drawn to landscapes and would photograph with film the beauty around her.  As her eye for creation grew, so did her heart for capturing natural portraits of people.  Over the years, Ashlee has merged her passion for natural landscapes and her heart for people into the art of storytelling from behind her lens. With these three elements, Ashlee's photography is unique and a lifelong passion she hopes to gift to others.

Ashlee's Creative Writing BA degree has enabled her to have not only a keen eye for beauty and visual art, but more importantly to naturally capture her subject's both inner and outer beauty.  Her style can simply be expressed as clean, natural, soft and emotion filled. Ashlee uses only the best Canon camera bodies and lenses.

Ashlee lives in Overland Park, KS with her husband and fellow adventurer and their three young children.  Her family is built upon finding joy in their journey of life; whether it's hiking God's amazing Colorado peaks, paddling oceans blue, or finding retreat in nature, where they are busy writing their own story.